Plastic is prohibited in Gujarat but milk bags are made of plastic only. There was something like this in Maharashtra but now the government has found its solution.

From now on, milk supply companies will not pack the dough in any new bag, but old bags will be collected and recycled. For this, the government has ordered all the companies.

Last week, a meeting of all milk producers from Maharashtra’s Environment Department was called. In which he was told that now the plastic bags of milk are to be recycled.

The question was how the milk bags will be returned from the companies. It has been sorted out that now the 50 paise per bag will be increased.

This increase will be taken as a deposit. If the customer returns it, 50 paise will be refunded. Thus, the empty bags will return to companies. This way the plastic bags will not have to be new and the old ones will be recycled. By doing so, the use of plastic will increase. Those companies who do not want to do this, have to pack the milk in a glass bottle or tatrapack.

Describing the media about this, Maharashtra minister Ramdas Kadam said that he has ordered the companies to set up plastic recycling facility in their plant. Many companies have even started work. If the companies become recycling bags, they will not be able to see plastic bags’ trash on the road. Exemption from plastic pollution

It is worth mentioning that there is a ban on plastic in Gujarat but there is no such preparation yet.

However, in many cities including Ahmedabad and Surat, plastic bags are bought by the scrap bags. Plastic pollution can be reduced if the government applies this system to Gujarat. In Gujarat, Amul sells more than 1 crore milk bags in Gujarat.