A Person with Diabetes and Blood Pressure
Doctor checking blood pressure of a woman. Close-up shot

Today I’m going to show you exactly Diabetes and Blood Pressure  person Should Take this into Consideration Before Fasting.

The holy month of Ramadan is now being started. People will be fasting this month, but anyone suffering from diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure should take some precautions before fasting.

In Ramadan, it is customary to eat at sunset before sunrise in the morning and then at a fixed time after sunset in the evening. During any kind of eating or drinking water is forbidden.

Therefore, people living with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease while keeping the rasa should take care of the following:

People who do not need medication to keep their diabetes under control, and those who keep their diabetes balanced by a balanced diet and regular exercise, can fast during the fast by establishing harmony with a changing lifestyle.

For those who take medicines or insulin to control diabetes, they must consult a doctor before continuing. As well as following the doctor’s advice, it can be done with little care.

In addition to diabetes, people suffering from high blood pressure (who are taking medications like diuretic) should change their diet before fasting, as the heat and the absence of water can increase the chances of dehydration in the meantime.

Do not eat more than necessary during Sahari and Aftara. As well as fried kebabs, meats, kachari, sorbet, cold drinks etc. should be taken in small quantities as you increase the amount of sugar.

Instead of fried, fat-rich and high-sugar foods, eat a fiber-rich and slowly absorbed diet such as vegetables, dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.), fruit, lentils, healthy chicken or fish.

Use whey, coconut water, lemonade. Exercise mildly, so that sugar can be kept in control.

Regularly check blood pressure and diabetes during the Rosa. If the amount of glucose in the blood is less than 70mg / dl or more than 300 then immediately stop fasting. Consult a doctor as well.