This is the ultimate guide for Avoid Dengue Deadly Mosquitoes. In the monsoon, Dengue discharges disease, which breaks the patient physically and mentally. In some cases Dengue also causes death.

It is very necessary to avoid dengue mosquito in such condition. So let’s take a look at some of the tips that you can avoid by dengue.

First of all, take care of the fact that water is not stored around the house or the house. The flats are likely to be submerged in the lower part of the kunda. So keep an eye on this and keep changing water.

If you can, make bitter neem leaves smoke twice a week. Doing this is not only Denguna, but other bacteria and pests that are responsible for various diseases in the monsoon are also destroyed. Apart from this, you can apply neem oil to the market.

Cut the lemon into two pieces and put cloves in it, and put some lemon in the corners of the house, mosquitoes and flies will stay away from your home.

Apart from this, planting of Tulsi in the house should be planted more and more. Mint odors from Tulsi keep mosquitoes away from our home.

Crush the mashed garlic and put it in the water, boil it and spray it in a spray bottle and spray it in the corner of the house. Doing this will destroy the mosquito-filled mosquitoes in the corner.